Sunday, November 22, 2009

A REALLY Lazy Susan

Is there really a need for an electric lazy susan??

We are clearly on the path to becoming the people in Wall-E.

Really Lazy Susan

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not what I expected to blog about this weekend....

So Kenny's (that's my silver VUE) transmission was having problems & the repair was to replace that stupid VTI transmission (again). Because those VTI transmissions always had problems, Saturn offered a choice: $2500 towards the replacement/repair of the transmission (the replacement/repair would have been $4-5k) OR a different, significant amount of moolah towards the purchase of another GM car. AND if I bought another Saturn, I'd get a separate "returning customer rebate" that I could I apply towards the purchase. The total amount Saturn offered me was definitely more than what I would get as a trade-in (or if I sold it used). Between what Saturn offered & some $$ that I could put as a down payment, more than half of my new car would already paid off. (And they offered me a sweet deal on the extended service plan, too.) I hadn't planned on getting a new car right now (I was thinking my next car might be a Mini-Cooper, in a couple of years), but that's a deal I really had a hard time passing up.

And it seemed like fate. The VUE they had in stock? The one I had admired on previous maintenance trips with the bells & whistles I was interested in: Ruby Red, Hybrid, cloth tan interior, Sun roof, Bluetooth, aux jack for the iPod, CD player also plays MP3s.. (and bells & whistles I wasn't as much interested in - XM satellite radio, OnStar, "sporty" steering wheel & hubcaps, etc.) I went to test drive it & the song that began on the radio? "Gloria" by Van Morrison.

So, yeah, I didn't pass up the deal.

Here is my new, as yet unnamed set of wheels:


Wheels (interior)

The short list of names:

Kermit, but upon reflection, I don't think it's "green" enough.

Puck (from Glee), because, like Noah Puckerman, when I look at the car, I don't question its badassness.

Mr. Bennet (from Heroes), because the car reflects HRG's dichotomy - the "bad guy" (i.e, evil SUV) which is also good (i.e., hybrid)

I'm leaning towards Puck, though.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Bonsai Wine

2008-08 - HuntingtonGardens_081

I found this Bonsai to be adorable - grapes! For wine! Hee!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A post. Really.

Life on Mars (ABC version)
I'm watching the ABC version of Life on Mars. I have seen the BBC series (well, technically, I still have a few episodes left to watch); while I liked the BBC series, I couldn't quite get into it - maybe it was the 70's British slang which made me feel like I was missing the joke. I am enjoying the American version (and I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Jason O'Mara is dreamy). The BBC version seemed to really reiterate that there were two worlds (the present and 1973) and in that sense was a little more sci-fi/fantasy than the American version (like the creepy kid in the tv). However, the American version seems to be taking more time to tell the story so maybe that will change.

Jury is still out on Fringe but not on Joshua Jackson ;) and Walter is pretty fun. I do like that things do seem to be moving forward broad story-arc-wise. Blair Brown is pretty awesome on this show, too.

Time Warp
I have several episodes of this stored on the TiVo. I'll let you know after I watch 'em.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Need more cuteness?

If is not enough for you, try this...

The Daily Puppy